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Travelling through Europe, Photos 1/3

This is my first non-technical post. I’m currently travelling Europe for 1 month after just finishing my CS master. Right now I’m back at home, but will be flying around again in a few days. I’ve never had a photo camera before, so not sure if the photos are good. This was my route so far with photos:





The full route of my flights:

2015-10-11 Zadar, Croatia
2015-10-14 Oslo, Norway
2015-10-18 Krakow + Katowice, Poland
2015-10-22 London, England

2015-10-23 Back home in Karlsruhe, Germany for a wedding

2015-10-26 Edinburgh, Scotland
2015-10-28 Dublin, Ireland
2015-10-30 Brussels, Belgium
2015-11-01 Budapest, Hungary
2015-11-03 Copenhagen, Denmark
2015-11-05 Kaunas + Vilnius, Lithuania
2015-11-07 Back home in Karlsruhe, Germany

Or in pictorial form, thanks to Wolfram Alpha:

See the new post for the rest of the photos.